Guest Comments

Have tried the rest - FLAMINGO is the BEST!
NOV 2019 - Edward G - The Best in the Business - Pink Power (for the Flamingo)
MAR 2022 - Chris + Janice - Great trip - Fabulous.
APR 2022 - Pascal -  Such a beautiful trip - Thank you Pam.
MAY 2022 -  Kenneth & Elena - Journey of a lifetime - Thanks Pam
Dear sweet Pam, Our agent was very very smart to choose you for the Cape Town part of our incredible vacation. We so appreciated your dedication and knowledge of our desires and wants and needs. We never felt rushed and you made us feel that Maury's Parkinson disease was never a problem! Every place we toured was special and important to the Cape Town experience and you navigated all the entrances and exits like a pro with lots of shortcuts. It was so cool learning about your daughter's experience at Disney where we were from. Our trip was very special and remember....please feel free to visit with us!!
Sad story - this family - Grandad in wheelchair, booked in May last year for July 2018, for him and his wife, his 2 children and their spouses and 2 grandchildren. Sadly he passed away in FEB, but family still decided to travel to honour his wishes. Their comments - "Thank you for a wonderful trip," Bev and family.
APRIL 2018 - Kees,Joze & Kris -  "Thank you for a beautiful South African experience"
FEB 2018 - John + Sonia  - Absolutely Fantastic - Thank you.
DEC 2017 - Suzanne + Sue  - So helpful and informative - thank you.
Ellen & Larry from New York City - USA - Great time in Cape Town. Pam is so knowledgeable, friendly and fun to tour with. Would come back in a heartbeat.
Karen, Tina, Tenna, Martin Sille - Denmark - Thank you for a wonderful tour.
Mark and family - UK - Fantastic - We were well looked after.
Caterina and Valeria - Italy - FANTASTIC!
Alison, Coco, Lucy and Sandra - UK, Switzerland - Super! Thank you!
JAN 2017 - Louis & Amy - USA  - Wonderful knowledge of many things.**Friendly **
JAN 2017 - Shelly, Charles + Jason - USA  - Extremely knowledgeable. Arrangements were so easy and seamless. Very friendly and pleasant.
DEC 2016-  Richard and Nicky- from UK - Thanks so much for giving us such a wonderful time! Please do not retire!
DEC 2016 - Hammadaddin Family - from Dubai - Professional and gracious and well organised.
APR 2016- O'Hare family - Fantastic guide Pam - your knowledge is outstanding.
MAR 2016-  Sham & Farida Jamal - Well organised and an enjoyable trip. Pam was very accommodating.
MAR 1015-  Marian Keek - Thank you for everything and great care - hartelik dank.
NOV 2014- Romana Zelz - It was an incredible journey.
APR 2014- Peter & Suzie Walker - Very good.
OCT 2013 - Sally Dinning & Chris Plumridge - Brilliant  in every way. Pam you make it so easy and enjoyable. You only have yourself to blame for another visit, see you soon again.